Building Engineering

Building Engineering

We design, manage, and improve the commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial building. We provide a full range of building engineering services as itemized below for the these markets.


We provide specialty piping system design, along with specific systems requirements. Our piping experts design the efficient transport of liquids and gases for all of needs of our markets and divisions.

We design the transport systems for:


You can always rely on us for below mechanical services whether you are building a new facility or improving an existing one.

Having experienced various projects, we have built a reputation for mechanical system designs.

Some of the rendered services include:

  •     Boiler plants
  •     Central chilled water and heating plants
  •     Construction plans and specifications
  •     Cost estimates
  •     Facility assessments
  •     Feasibility studies
  •     Fire protection
  •     Heat recovery
  •     Industrial ventilation
  •     Plumbing
  •     Process piping
  •     Site supervision


Relying on our impressive experience in a wide range of high profile projects, we have been powered with a high degree of creativity

in our electrical designs with a balance between the correct uses of the ever-changing modern technologies, cost, and customer experience.

Electrical services rendered are as follows:

  • Building and site power distribution both medium and low voltage
  • Emergency power generation
  • Facility assessments
  • Grounding
  • Lighting
  • Lighting control systems
  • Lightning thunder protection systems
  • Roadway lighting


Our experience applies to new and existing structures, large and small, including concrete, steel, timber and masonry structures. We try to keep construction details straightforward and simple as it positively impacts the overall project cost and schedule. Thus, we use the latest computer and software technology to incorporate the latest material developments into our designs and assist our engineers in developing cost efficient and practical designs.

Structural services provided includes:

Industrial Processes

Tadbir Sanat’s project approach is centered on the requirements and constraints encountered in the chemical, sugar, cement, metal, tire, and automobile industries. Our industrial expertise includes extensive and integrated knowledge of all mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control aspects of industrial processes. Our multidisciplinary teams are prepared to address projects involving processes in petrochemical industries.


Tadbir Sanat is well-known for a solid reputation for delivering exceptional architectural and interior design services to government, research, university, private sector, and industrial clients. The company’s extensive resume ranges from the planning and design of technically sophisticated industrial and commercial building, to government office buildings, and private sector industrial, office, manufacturing, and warehouse projects.

Architectural services provided include: